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we're told this box trailer was heading in the northbound lanes off 680. it's somehow went over to the shoulder, bouncing off the very small pond on the side of the shoulder. and then slammed -- landed on top of the center divide. so that is the scene as you can see it now. there is a lot of brownish matter along the highway and they had about 30-40 gallons of fuel spilling on to the freeway. that makes it safe for northbound lanes to continue going we'll continue to keep you updated. the driver carrying medical supplies and sustained
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lacerations but he's now in castro valley and that is the latest from the scene. >> what a mess. this is at stoneridge drive in pleasanton. >> we have breaking news in new york. mayor bloomberg this afternoon did an about face, canceling the new york city marathon. the preparations were well underway. pressure from residents of badly battered staten island finally convinced the mayor to change his mind. >> those of us who love this story and this race recognize it wasn't a marathon if it wasn't a unifying event. it wasn't a marathon we knew and loved if there are people who were pained by the running of it.!0z >> grim statistics continue to grow.
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the death toll now reached 97 people in 10 states. no are now predicting damage will reach $50 billion. in better news, new york skyline is expected to be lit up tonight. new jersey governor chris christie has given the a go head for atlantic city casinos to reopen. >> disney and abc making monday a day of giving. disney kicking off with a $2 million donation to the american red cross. you can help by texting to give $10 to efforts. you can donate by falling 1-800-help now. >> your voice, your vote. the presidential candidates putting tier own sin on the latest jobs report. picked up a tenth of a percent to 7.9% in october.
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that is about 50,000 more than had been expected but say the rate went up because more people without jobs started looking for work again. >> president obama tried to sway voters told them this report proves the job market is gaining momentum. >> today our businesses have created five and a half million new jobs, companies hired more in octoberl time in the last eight months. >> mitt romney spin numbers another way in wisconsin calling the report a sad reminder the economy is a virtual stand still. he blames the president. >> they said he's going to lower unemployment rate down to 5.2% now. today, we've learned it's 7.9%. that is nine million jobs short of what was promised.
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>> claiming the economy is expanding but at a moderate pace. >> mark math use will have more on this for you. >> right he spoke about significance of the numbers and what they mean. >> record number of californians will be able to pick up the race announcing 18.2 million californians are registered to vote but the percentage is roughly the same as years past. >> in san jose a jury deciding fate of a former elementary school principal charged with failing to report the molestation of an 8-year-old girl. >> happening now at the superior court, a jury is deliberating the case of a former principal accused of not reporting a case of
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suspected child abuse. closing arguments took place this morning. the misdemeanor count focuses on these notes when the principal took in 2011. a third grader student says her teacher blind folded her, made her lie on the floor and put a gooey something in her mouth. the principal did not report that but decided to transfer the little girl to another class. she took the stand and said in hind sight the notes were bad but the teacher was very convincing explaining the behavior as part of a lesson plan involving helen keller, and empathy for the disabled. a conviction would mean a months in jail. for now, we await the jury's verdict.
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>> law enforcement on the streets of oakland getting tighter for a second night of operation impact. california patrol being deployed to reenforce an under staffed police department netting 11 arrests. chp provides patrol support in higï crime areas.. >> high visibility control. you have police cars in plain view. we hope that will act adds a deterrent. >> officers from both police and chp joined forces to greet students in oakland. >> police looking for a driver hit a woman and then drove off. police say the woman was on the sidewalk when the mercedes turned into a driveway, hitting her. they say the driver did have an interyags with the woman and then drove away.
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>> muni service in operation for the evening commute. a man was killed on the tracks this morning. service was suspended almost three hours, passengers rerouted on buses and shuttles.8 investigators trying to determine why this man was walking in that tunnel. >> a warning about mail. a neighborhood watch group provided these pictures to authorities. police say the thieves hit at r5$qjwj. >> about 100 people lined up this morning in san francisco. >> the mini lives up to its same. it's smaller, lighter and thinner but $329 many feel it's overpriced compared to the kindel fire and nexus 7. >> that could account for the
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smaller lines than usual in previous launches. >> uc berkeley chancellor was promoting his university to high school students. >> abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez tells us why. >> happening now, students here get a rare visit from uc berkeley chancellor. the message is simple. get into a state university of for those low income communities there are resource s. many of the students here would be the first in their families to attend college. he was the first in his family to attend high school. saying education equals transformation, coming up what the chancellor had to say about prop 30, what would happen at cal fit failed. >> university of california
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golden bears getting ready for a friday night game. >> yes. cal takes on university of washington at 6:00 under permanent lights of the memorial stadium. officials urging fans to take public transportation this game is being televised nationally. >> what is the weather going to be like? >> we have a better idea where the wea÷ha is going to be. >> we can look forward to nice,ñ pleasant weather. we're seeing an kris krees in high clouds. many of the clouds from that system sweeping into the bay area now. we'll see clouds on the increase but it's pleasant now. temperatures 61 degrees in san francisco. and mid to upper 60s in most inland locations. so let's take a look at clouds increasing this evening and maybe a patch or two of fog but it's increase in clouds
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will linger in morning hours but dissipate giving way to mainly sunny skies. we've got possibly high temperatures to tell you about. >> nice looking. thank you. >> still head on abc 7 news marin county handing out rebates to residents who upgrade a certain home appliance. >> banks offering up to victimshés but experts warning people to be careful. >> plus twitter's new tool to help you check out the election. >> a big rig overturned all southbound lanes blocked. you're seeing cars getting by there on the shoulder of the road and back up in this area, as you can imagine is enormous. this is begin
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this program will be offered through august 1 next year or until funds are gone. >> millions of people still in the dark after sandy. why investors are fleeing groupon now. >> nicole lapin joins us with that and the rest of the after the bell report. hi, nicole. >> good afternoon. these portions of the northeast are still without power in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. more than 3.5 million customers still in the dark including 1.6 million in new jersey 1.3s million in new york, 239,000s in connecticut, and a handful of other states. at last check fcc says 19%
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cell towers are out down 25% from the day before. back on this set, yahoo ceo is remaking her management team. the company moves into mobile she promoted adam cahan to lead efforts. creating an app for apple products and joined yahoo last year, you may recall yahoo bought the company stent last week. investors fleeing groupon ahead of the earnings report next week. the stock fell 5% today to close at a low, $3.83. groupon declined 80% since the company went public a year ago on sunday. investors are worried the
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ability is not there to generate revenue as well as future daily deals industry. struggling french telecomm equipment maker is considering an as yet sale the company did post a loss in the third quarter, failing to win business as phone companies are cutting spending and cheaper asian rivals are gaining more market share. take a look at markets. stocks fell as the better than expected jobs report failed to keep technology shares from slumping as americans prepare for election day. across the the board shares of apple and intel dragging that index down. twitter launched a new tool to help americans track election 2012 called political
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engagement map that allows users to see which tweets are getting the biggest responses in each and every state. so the darker the color the more tweets it is getting. happy friday, larry, carolyn have a great weekend. see you back here. >> you too. >> should be a great weekend. warming up out there. >> doesn't feel like november. >> no. it doesn't. it going to feel less like november. we can see record high temperatures developing in the bay area, here is a live view now of miltd conditions. waiting for the warmer conditions, looking live from mount sutro over the bay, you can see mainly blue skies and high clouds is around. it's going to increase getting later into the evening hours. we're not looking for significant rainfall. certainly clouds will
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increase. here is a look at the situation developing on live doppler 7 hd. there is a weak frontal system sweeping into our direction. clouds pushing into the bay area sky now. it's pleasant and mild. clouds continuing to increase during overnight hours and sunnier, warmer weekend and possibly record highs on, by monday. perhaps monday and tuesday. it's going to be a very warm start to the week next week. overnight tonight we'll see again, clouds around and high clouds as well thickening. low temperatures into low 50s, uniform range of lows tonight. here is what's happening in the atmosphere. satellite show as approaching frontal system. it's a weak one. it's going to fall apart as you switch through. moisture staying to our north or out to sea. the front moves through breaking apart, we'll see skies getting sunnier on sunday, and monday. and temperatures on the increase once again, highs likely monday and tuesday.
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so here is a look at tomorrow's conditions, sunny skies in the south bay. high temperatures low to mid-70s, mild, but not super warm. 72 in san jose. peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s tomorrow, mid-60s on the coast. downtown san francisco, 68 degrees tomorrow, 6 had in the sunset district. north bay mid-70s, 74 santa rosa. east bay highs 72 in oakland. 74 castro valley. inland east bay around mid-70s range. 74 antioch, livermore and fairfield. near monterey bay, we'll see mid-70s, here is the accu-weather forecast. a check on these rising temperatures but don't forget to set your blocks -- clocks back this weekend. and by monday, tuesday, inland mid-80s, up to 80s around the bay. low 70s on the coast. by the end of the week temperatures will have dropped 20 degrees in places. and a chance of showers at the
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of the of the week. >> more normal. >> thank you. >> up next, this teenager will have you dizzy. setting the world record for back hand springs. she wasn't done yet. >> wow. and twilight fans are you ready? the new clips out for "breaking dawn" part two. >> taking a look back at that overturned big rig. this is caused just a mess and especially for northbound traffic. traffic squeezing by on the shoulder there. this is also impacting northbound traffic all this happening at stoneridge in pleasanton. stay with us. abc 7 news continues right after this. @ñ
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>> there are some half time shows then what a virginia middle schooler did this month. this is the 13-year-old doing hand springs after hand spring. the world record was 35. she did 38 on her first attempt. i usually stop at 15 and i start getting dizzy. she did it again, hitting 40. she followed up with 41. my daughter does this. i can tell you how difficult it s i wonder how does she not throw up? >> i feel nauseous. >> don't eat beforehand, that is the secret. helps if you have athletic
4:24 pm
ability. >> yes. >> the hobbit takes flight and twilight teases fans with new clips. >> that andmore in today's report. >> singer blake shelton now king of country. his wife is the queen. lambert won female vocalist of the year, male vocalist of the year went to shelton. the favorite award is song of the year went to them both for "overview". >> song of the year was special. we wanted to take that home. >> this will have it's own shells. it will have spot lights and alarmses. you know? everything. >> for a list of winner goes to we're two weeks from the release of breaking dawn part ii. and check this out.
4:25 pm
brand new clips. >> we thought you might want a place of your own. >> breaking dawn part ii hits theaters november 16th. next, the hobbit. this isn't from the film but air new zealand's new safety video. it's shown before every flight. >> the hobbit, an unexpected journey opens december 14th for more head lines go to >> still head it's all about the economy now. just four days before november election. what today's report means for the two candidates. >> why the number of women could fall to less than a third after tuesday's election. >> atlantickis going to its
4:26 pm
final destination today it could change the way insurance companies charge you but there is a lot of confusion over how this would or would not work. i'll clear that up in just a little bit. >> live now where back up stretches for miles because of an overturn.
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we have an update now on breaking news. the big rig crash shut down a section of interstate 680 in the east bay. >> abc 7 news is live along 680 and stoneridge drive. what a mess. >> it is a mess. we're getting hopeful signs maybe southbound lanes will be open in about half an hour. let's update you on what is going on. you can see half of the, what was a trailer is now sitting upright on the southbound lanes of 680.
4:30 pm
that is the other half. the crews here had to cut it in half because it was resting on top of the center divide. so they cut it in half. there is that one up righted it's going to get it off to the shoulder. we have officer shauna patch yeko with us now. she can give us an update. we know once there is a major back up, kit go on forever. >> usually these clear up hours and hours after the initial scene has been cleared. i would advice anyone that is traveling southbound 680 to take alternate routes. if they can avoid this area that is what we'd advise. they can expect major delays..
4:31 pm
>> sky 7 has been showing back up. how far do you know etc. been going back? >> i don't have that information to give you at this point. but i can be sure that yes, it's going to be backed up probably a ways back, possibly as far as 24. >> and what about condition of the driver who is behind the wheel here? >> this driver did have complaints of pain to his abdomen as well as lacerations to hands and face. we said he's got complaints of pain. and we don't have exact medical season conditions from him. >> here you can see the situation, we hope crews are able to get that half of the rig off to the side of the road. we may have a reopening of the freeway in about 30 minutes, david louie, abc 7 news. >> thank you. at least the northbound
4:32 pm
traffic is moving wet better. i live not far from this area, it's heavy going southbound. it's just going to be a mess back arcing up to highway 24. and then, perhaps farther back down. >> yes. if this clears it's going to be a mess. >> yes. anyone heading into the east bay is going to be in for a long ride tonight. >> today's unemployment numbers getting a spin from presidential candidates before the election. >> number of jobs is up but so is the unemployment number. >> in the race for white house, the numbers would have meant more if they'd moved a lot more. but they didn't. we're looking at 171,000 new jobs for october. which is about 50,000 more than predicted but the rate actually went up because more people are out looking for
4:33 pm
work. that describes the situation for steve slater and his brother. steve is a musician. his brother, a web designer. >> the economy tanked i lost students. people, music lessons are extra. >> that is tough but he says to economy is inproving. >> returning students, new students signing up for lessons.. >> for his brother, the web designer. >> i'm hoping i filled the next new apps that people enjoy. >> how is that going for you?. >> so far, no good. >> it's not easy to find the right job. karen has a ba in english, a master's in poetry. after being laid off she's decided wine industry is where she wanted to work. >> there is no job offers. i became a pest until they hired me. >> for california economists say the job picture is more troubled.
4:34 pm
>> we a short term, and long term story here. >> this economist is co-chair on owe center of wage and employment dynamics and says private sector is growing jobs but gross domestic product is not growing as fast as it should. we continue to lose public sector jobs in california. with the state out of money, that is going to continue. >> it's a drag on the economy and on the recovery. because in fact, public sector spending tbts to gdp. >> say she says, it's a concern but would be less of one if the economy were more robust. on abc 7 news at 6:00 we'll hear from our political analyst explain why numbers are less important than a message from governor romney in the swing state of ohio. what he said, and what it means.
4:35 pm
>> we'll see you at 6:00. >> wall wall women are in danger of being under represented in sacramento next year. women makeup half of the population but there are enough contested races on the ballot next week. but the number of women in the legislature ka fall to less than a third. >> this is still an industry that is male dominated. >> women could lose up to seven seats after next week's election bringing total number of women serving to just 27 out of 120. less than one quarter. she's had little luck convincing women to run. she found women won't run because of family commitments. >> i feel like what problems can i solve? they don't seem to be solving problems.. >> female voices are
4:36 pm
considered essential. take national headlines male politicians made this year about reproductive rights. >> all rape is a crime. they won't try qaul nay on the floor of the legislature that. is the advantage of having women. they have that perspective. >> years of cuts have mostly affected women. and some will look out for them. >> i fear things that are important for women including elder care, things like that, i fear we won't have a stronger voice on the issues.. >> recruiters turn to local government but the numbers there aren't great, either. >> it's roughly just 24%. >> the makeup of the ledge vai tour could look different than it did morning of november 6th. >> mish lynn looking for candidates for 2014 and 2014
4:37 pm
elections. >> we only have a few days to make choices. our web site is a great resource, visit us on abc 7 news/politics. >> last of nasa's space shuttle fleet headed for retirement moment. shuttle atlantic climbed for a march along florida's atlantic coast. crews had to move signals and signs to cleert way as spectators lined the route. it will be on display at the main tourist building at kennedy space sent year still ahead they may be one of the reliable predicted. >> looking at the sky, lots of
4:38 pm
clouds. take heart. it's going to be a lovely weekend. i'll have the forecast coming up. >> you can see traffic back up continues to stretch for miles. stretch of roadway there is still shut down because of a big rig overturn.
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tuesday is election day. we may know who wins the presidential election by sunday. since 1936 outcome of the last washington redskins home game before the election correctly predicted the winner of 17 of 18 electrics. if redskins win, incumbent party wins. if they lose, so does the incumbent party. the panthers are one of the wort teams in the nfl. skins aren't much better but are three and five. so edge, red skins in that game. >> let's get another check on the forecast. >> we've got live doppler 7 hd. this afternoon, showing mainly blue skies earlier but clouds becoming more prominent later
4:42 pm
on in the afternoon. that pattern will continue. sunny skies and calm conditions. northeast continues to recover from devastation of super storm sandy. there will be showers over parts of the northeast tomorrow. showers around texas gulf coast. here in our neck of the woods, showers around remainder of the state that will be nice and dry, mild. it will be nice and mild and the beginning of a significant warming trend. mid-60s on the coast and mid 0s inland. we'll see record high temperatures by monday. sunday, at the oakland coliseum, raiders tacking o on -- taking on buccaneers. temperatures about 73 degrees
4:43 pm
in game time dropping into low 70s as we get later into afternoon. a great day for football. great weekend. >> yes. should be. >> thanks. >> if you bought a hyundai or kia, you could be getting money back. >> proposition 33 would change the way insurance companies charge you for their policies but is the discount a discount? i'll have the answer, next. >> i'm cheryl jennings, coming up a bra heist. $11,000 worth of bras stolen. how it happened. plus, she n didn't know she won $23 million. now, this lottery winner has come forward. what we've learned about her
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and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. a popular magnetic disdes being top boy is being recalled and says it is battling what it calls legal badgering from the consumer products safety commission, suing the company in july arguing children could sur internal injuries if
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swallowing these magnets. the magnet boy makers say they have appropriate legal warnings on them. they say it's too expensive to continue this legal battle. >> owners of hundreds of thousands of hyundai and kia vehicles could be getting reimbursement. epa says companies overstated gas mileage in the past three years and found problems during an audit. epa ordering the companies to replace stickers on the cars, hyundai and kia blame procedureal mistakes. the companies will find mileage difference then calculate how much more fuel was used. so they should be getting money back. >> tuesday, election day, voters will be deciding on prop 33 here in california changing the way companies charge for their auto policies in this state. >> however, maybe not the way you think. michael finney joins us now to clear up confusion.
4:48 pm
>> yes. if you stop me on the streets asking me about this. asking about their discounts for staying with one company. if it passes, i have been asked, how do the consumers move their discounts? short answer is, they can't. here is the long answer. >> prop 33 ads running across california. 33 offers to change the way auto rates are figured. benefiting it's backers say those who have received loyalty discounts for paying their auto indurance for years.. >> they'll be able to take discounts and shop for a better deal. >> the prop web site says proposition 33 allows you freedom to change insurance companies. you may have a discount but might not be able to keep it. gornl joseph is a chairman of mercury insurance. >> only difference we're
4:49 pm
making is that you can take this, these loyalty periods with you. but not doing anything else. >> the loyalty period will move with you from company to company. discounts might not. why? they're set by each individual insurance company. you can't make an insurance company give you a discount that it doesn't offer. >> you're taking the concept of a discount but not necessarily the discount? >> that is right. >> look at this loyalty discount. 8%. the company calls it a renewal credit. if this policy holder moves to mercury insurance, hifltry would move but the discount would be left behind. again, mercury insurance's george joseph. >> what loyalty discounts does mercury overhear in california? >> almost nothing now. none. >> mercury premium could be
4:50 pm
cheaper and many times, will be but the discount still doesn't move. so don't think prop 33's moveable loyalty discounts has a coupeon. you hold that each company must honor, it's not like that. the yes on 33 people told me they do expect insurance companies to start competing using them. >> i'm lost. >> what is the upside of this? >> for who? >> for consumer. >> it gets very, very complex. if you have -- let's say you get a discount. does that mean to the guy that didn't get the discount is going to pay more? if they're paying more does that mean they're not going to be insured? >> we've heard a lot of consumer advocates saying hey, don't do this.
4:51 pm
and idea is that you get the discount because you've been with a company. they don't have to market for you. you're there, you're a freebie. guy who's want to change this say not only are you there, but you've been saying over time. that makes you a better risk. >> will be interesting to see. >> and that is up next, you did good. the story of a pilot turned hero called flight, denzel washington put on a good performance? abc 7 news with his review on the aisle, next. >> and scientists say this elephant can talk and learned to speak a few words. >> that, i understand clearly.
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4:54 pm
>> denzel washington stars in flight as a pilot becoming a hero after crash landing a plane. but he's a flawed man. >> there are tension-filled moms.. >> you're the kind with anxiety about flying this may leave you with sweaty palms. in trouble, captain denzel washington flies upside down. >> that is very time consuming and very intense and we built
4:55 pm
a set to turn people upside down in. >> washington lands the plane but a few lost lives. when he was flying he was as high as a, well, airplane fueled by alcohol and cocaine. >> you had alcohol in your system. >> denzel facing demons, rage, trying to change his life, giving into temptation this, is like a war film with liquor as the enemy. >> are they concerned about perception of pilots? >> no. he could have been anything. >> this film leaves you thinking and drained. >> no one could have land that had plane like i did. >> that may make you want to
4:56 pm
dump your frequent flyer miles, and the trial of one man. denzel washington and i will have to give mike almost a full bucket. and we'll see you on the aisle. >> and this is remarkable, right. >> found from an elephant drawing world wide attention. >> the key here is that you need to speak korean. a team of researchers says koshi is reproducing words for hello, sit down, no, lie down, and good. and really? >> and i -- i am just impressed the elephant appears to be brighter than me.
4:57 pm
researchers believe koshi learned to speak out of a desire to bond with trainers after being separated from two other elephants. that is remarkable. >> yes. we've seen them paint before. and a little different than speaking. >> yes. yes. >> and this is remarkable and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> you do not have to worry about the time change sunday morning. remember, going back will be updating for you. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> a traffic mess, the clean up continues after a big rig overturns and we'll have the latest. >> a political ad stirring up
4:58 pm
controversy tonight. what the woman behind the mirkarimi domestic violence scandal is saying tonight. >> rising temperatures when records may be set coming up in your weekend forecast next. >> just a traffic nightmare, you're looking live at pictures from sky 7 over the scene of the accident tying up traffic for hours now. good evening, i'm dan ashley i'm cheryl jenningsism it happened near pleasanton. david louie is at the scene joining us with the latest. david? >> that is the scene of -- 11:45 this morning some 15 minutes ago a box trailer traveling northbound on the right side of the screen. heading northbound towards danville area.
4:59 pm
it lost control and ended up with its box trailer straddling the center of the divide. let's show you from sky 7 how bad the scene was. and making it very difficult throughout how to remove it. they decided to cut it in half, leaving one half in the northbound side, the other side on the southbound nine. -- side. let's take a look at ground shots we shot earlier showing inside of the truck. pal yets of sflis, mostly benign things like bandages and equipment. nothing toxic at all. but still, waits a mess to clean up. 30 to 35 gallons of fuel did spill on both sides of the freeway. now... this rired sand to ab sore it all.

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